Before 2017 Ends

Changed my blog's layout again but still not satisfied with it, gonna modify a little bit here and there from now and then. 
Anyways just wanna do a recap of my Year 2017 before the year ends. Nothing much to be honest except that I've traveled to places I feel like I needed to share, places that I'd never thought I would be going at this early age, things I'd never thought I would ever have the chance to see it myself and I did. It still seems so surreal even until today, felt like I've woken up from a beautiful dream. 
So before I go on further into THE amazing experience I've mentioned, lets start with the beginning of the year some time around March – visited Italy, and as usual I went with our Malaysian local traveling tour. Frankly speaking, I would much prefer traveling to Europe free and easy if I can but well, since this tour offered a good promotion price so why not? Overall of this trip was good, just a slight disappointment but yeah all I can say n…


I still remember the first day when I found out about this laptop: I actually only knew about this model coming out through the Sony Facebook page that I liked. I had only seen the picture on the internet, read about the specs and then immediately I fell in love with it. Perhaps because I'd always been a Sony's fan? Also because blue is my favourite colour, PLUS I must say Vaio laptop's design are the most attractive ones compare to many that I've seen (well at least it is to me). And then I told myself that I wish this laptop would arrive at the country where I'm living because I wanted it. 
So one day when I was in the mall hanging out with some friends, while we passed by Sony outlet, it was when I got so excited, because there it is! Sitted there so beautifully on the display counter! I was so thrilled that it was selling here! I just couldn't believe what I saw, I was so so happy even just by staring at it outside the store's outlet. 
I never had a lapto…

Bye Bye 2k15

A sudden thought of wanting to update my blog before year 2015 ends. To sum up my year, 2015 doesn't seems to be a good year for me... except that I really enjoyed those days when I travel to other countries. AND I'd never thought that I would be visiting so many places in a year, guess this is by far the year that I get to travel the most (hopefully I get to travel more in the coming years). Some places was unexpected, some was spontaneous trip and I think I should do more spontaneous trip, because it usually turned out awesome and I must say I enjoyed it the most! 
First, it was to Singapore! Company decided to have a retreat in Singapore. Then later on a spontaneous and adventure to Bangkok, it was my first time to Bangkok and I must say I had a really awesome time there. Then it was my Europe trip, Oh! And I almost forgot, I also had a really short trip over in Hanoi, Vietnam too. Would visit Vietnam one day with a better planning next time.

So Happy New Year! Have a grea…


Officially graduated! Thought I won't be able to do this but because of my parents' support, especially my mother, and now I'm here with this graduation robe and mortar board. Really really grateful with all the things that my mother would do for me, thank you ma! Of course I know that saying a thousand, million, billion times of 'thank you' isn't enough for what she'd done for me and would still do for me. Can't thank her enough for the best mother that I have in the world!
Still can't believe that I'm actually at Central Europe. I love to travel and going to places especially in the central European countries is part of my must-do in my wish list. And now that I'm actually here, I just can't believe that I.AM.HERE! Sadly, tonight will be my last night here. BUT I will be back again, definitely!

Chao Hostel, Bangkok Thailand

When I first saw the pictures of this place I immediately made my booking straight cause the interior of the place shown in pictures look good to me and I really love it. 
But to be honest, I may have made my booking, yet I keep having doubts on whether if I had made the right decision to have paid for this place, as I'd tried searching for reviews but couldn't find any. As it had only just been launched not long at that time when I booked. 

So after arriving here, I know that I'd made the right choice, it looks just the way it is like pictures shown. And like I said, I like the interior of this place. 

The staffs here are really friendly and very helpful. And this hostel located at a very convenient place where BTS station is just nearby and there are also a lot of Tuk Tuk just outside the building. ALSO, morning market is just nearby where you can have local food in the morning. No need to be worried of having difficulties in looking for food here. 
Did I mention that th…

Bye Two-Oh-One-Four and Hello Twenty Fifteen

A little late to say this but still I just wanna wish all a Happy New Year! 
So I'd just done with my final assignment for my final year and here comes new year for a new start, not sure what the future holds, well lets see where it brings me to. I just hope that everything goes well (who doesn't, right?) Again, Happy Twenty Fifteen!