Saturday, 1 March 2014

Penang's Second Bridge

Dragged myself up at 5am just to go see sunrise from the second Penang bridge yesterday. If it wasn't the classmates that's being so insisting, I don't think I'll even thought of going there for pictures and especially having to wake up as early as 5 in the morning! Although it's kinda disappointing that we didn't get to have a good view of the sunrise because of the haze, buuuttt I still think it's worth it. You don't get to take picture on a Penang bridge everyday having NO cars at all to pass by the bridge! Nothing special, yeah just a picture, but hey it just somehow make you feels good about it. 

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures taken. 
iPhone 4's camera doesn't do it's justice to the beautiful view.
If you ask me, I personally think the night view is so much nicer.
Probably because of the beautiful lights. 

And the sunrise... 

Oh! In case you miss seeing my face... 
And also, it's been too long since I blogged with 
any pictures on so here is... (What an excuse) 
Hello! And with beautiful sky behind! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Another Year of Horse

Time passes so fast I can't believe it's the last day for Chinese New Year already, cause I'm still on new year mood. I think I enjoyed this year's new year, somehow different from the previous years. Of course I'm happy to receive Ang Pao (who doesn't right?) but that's not the main reason to it, there were just a few things that I'm really happy with. Wonder what this year of horse brings me, looking forward to it but unfortunately I got older by another year ahh that's life for you. Anyways...

Happy Year of Horse!
Happy Valentine's Day
& not forgetting
Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Weekend Dance Off

I know my blog has been dead for too long
I suddenly just have this urge in me to update my blog so
here is:-

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the word Kpop or even, you could be one of them Kpop fans reading this right now. Well I have a lot of friends around me (not all but yeah, a lot of them) that are also Kpop fans and some are really huge fans. Yeah but that does not make me a fan myself, I may love the country Korea, the people there (visited Korea once and really nice people there), the places there and sometimes my friends would tell me stuff about them Kpop singers, talk about how funny some Korean talk-shows were or one of my cousins would ask me to watch some Korean dramas that she think its really nice. I would watch them or listen to their songs but nope, still not a fan and I was never a Kpop fan. No offence to you fans out there, I'm not here to insult or anything just saying I'm not a fan and my point of this blogpost is about me going to Kpop dance workshop during my last weekend. 

I may like to dance but usually I'm not that active when it comes to Kpop (it's just not my kinda thing) but this time I would give it a try only because I heard that Double-D, the instructor that came all the way from Korea seems to be more to hip hop dances and since I'd never been to any Kpop classes before so I thought to myself why not give it a try, no harm trying new things plus this would be a new experience for me. 

Turned out, the workshop from Double-D was not bad, he teaches us the choreography of the song Growl by the group EXO. But he said he won't be teaching the exact choreography from them, instead he added a lil' of his own style to it. And just now, I went on to Youtube to look up for the Growl MV by EXO, it was indeed slightly different from what I'd seen Double-D taught us, different in the sense of style. In my opinion, I think Double-D dances more to hip hop style, he grooves more and bounces more with his body when he dance. I'm not saying who's right or wrong, just saying from what I saw, well of course each has their own nice and swag in both different style of dancing, sometimes it's just the way you see it and whether to your own liking or not.

To dancers out there: Sorry if I said anything offensive. No, I'm not a professional dancer or whatsoever myself to teach about dances, I'm only saying what I thought.

I must say I learnt something from this workshop. Something new to me at least. Thanks for the workshop! 

Double-D and I

Messy hair; should have wear my cap, didn't
expected this strong wind coming.
Yeah really strong wind, but that doesn't changes the
hot weather that day, was sweating like mad at the end of
the workshop.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year
and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Every year I would look forward to these days, not only because we kids or those unmarried ones get to receive Ang Pao (red packets) but also because it means reunion for me and my family..and together with other relatives! Not just that, I also love how lively Chinese New Year (CNY) could bring to the atmosphere during the weeks-before-CNY. But sadly, it doesn't feel as lively as before anymore, seems to me that it got worst year by year even people around me feel the same too. So to bring up the CNY mood to myself, another thing I would very much look forward to is, to watch the Chinese New Year Countdown Live show by TVB (Hong Kong) but this year they did it very differently, they were doing the live show with some other countries like Korea and Singapore and for the first time I felt disappointed for a show that I looked forward to, they no longer have any funny drama plays on stage, artists were singing some unrelated CNY songs.. well I just don't feel the Chinese New Year mood from there anymore. I just hope they could bring up with something better than this for next year's! (always have high hopes on TVB, because I know they're good)... So to sum up my CNY holiday, well it was just alright, didn't had a very good reunion with the relatives and also couldn't enjoy my holidays properly. But I hope all of you have a great one and again...

Happy Year of Snake!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year World!

Ahh it's a new year again, and there goes our "2012, the year of the end of the world"! Twenty twelve has gone by us so fast, in fact I realize that every year had gone by us so fast that I felt, 24 hours a day is just not enough and at times I just feel that I couldn't catch up with Mr. Time, with such fast pace. But of course, life goes on.

Twenty twelve was just alright to me, learnt a lot, seen.. well I would say a lot too. Still, I think that twenty eleven was the best year I ever had and that has already became the past. So let's see what do we have for this year. Hope it got better! And once again,

Happy Twenty Thirteen!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Just by the title of this blog post, I believe you might already have the idea of who/what I'm gonna be talking about, I'm sure at least most of you does. Or perhaps if you go on Youtube very often then you might also happen to come across some of his videos. So exactly who/what is it that makes me want to blog about (after so long for not updating my blog)? Well..who else that goes TEEHEE at the end of all his videos on Youtube? O-yes! It's the Youtube sensation, with the 2nd most subscribed on Youtube, and he would call himself 'That Asian on Youtube', the one and only Ryan Higa! For those of you that still have no idea of who he is? He's basically just an ordinary person that like posting up funny videos on Youtube. 

So I'd been watching his videos few years back when he only have like...less than 10 videos on his channel? Back then he still has his braces on, yeah it was that long ago. He started out with some lip-syncing videos and I have to say at first I didn't quite like it even though it's funny because I remember funny-lip-syncing videos were started out by these 2 young Chinese fella with Backstreets Boys' songs (they were called the Back Dorm Boys) and I just didn't like the idea that he copied them. But after watching Ryan Higa's lip-syncing on Fergalicious then it changed my perception towards him, well it may be a lip-syncing video too but at least this time he comes out with something different than just doing funny faces lip-syncing in front of a webcam. Ever since then I'd always look forward to his new video to be posted up. Then he started out acting, with the video called 'How to be a Gangster', to me it was really funny. 

It's crazy how media like Youtube can change one's life (just look at Justin Bieber). Soooo the whole point of this blog post was...well, just few weeks ago Ryan Higa came to Malaysia, it was his first Tour at South East Asia, I was sooooooo bloody happy and excited when I know that he would visit our country, never had I ever thought that he would be coming here and besides I feel sad that it's always people knowing Singapore and Thailand but never know the existence of Malaysia (OH C'MON! It's a country that is just in between Singapore and Thailand! Geez!).

Bought the standard ticket and go all the way to Kuala Lumpur just to see him. What's more? Before this, we were told that there'll be tickets selling for Meet & Greet BUT only available for the first 200 people. So yeah as what most of those die hard fans would do, woke up early on that day just to queue up and hope to be the first 200 to get his M&G ticket. Me and my friend may be the 2nd one there to queue up for the line BUT it ended up to be a bunch of people scattering around in groups and when the ticket-selling counters were ready for us, people and fans dashed towards the counter and started PUSHING AROUND just to get their M&G. And this really pisses me off! REALLY?! WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE US THAT WENT THERE EARLY FOR THE QUEUE? AT LEAST WE QUEUE UP! Okay, maybe you're gonna say "no one ask you to come early". Fine. Well at least make a line for everyone to queue up, OR could have just make EVERYONE queue up otherwise you will not sell the tickets - things like that. It was really really horrible! Whether is it Soulmanna's in charge (or any other), I have to say THEY HAVE THE SHITTIEST EVENT MANAGEMENT! Of course I understand you cannot control the people, but hey you could at least do something about it, make a line formed - for people to queue up like how we should when we buy tickets from cinemas. Seriously! 

But apart from that, everything was fine...lucky that we got our M&G ticket (it wasn't easy to get it, not at all!) I enjoyed the interview and all. Yeah I was really really pissed off with the shittest management that they had, but to put that aside I would still thank Soulmanna for organizing this event (but whoever that's in charge of the management please do change it or it might ended up with people getting hurt. Geez!) And not forgetting, thanks RYAN HIGA for coming! It must be tiring for you, the jet lag, interviews after interviews and all, we appreciate it! Hope to see you again, and hopefully with the other YouTubers as well like Kevin (KevJumba) or perhaps together with the YTF members! It would be awesome.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Just feel like blogging all of a sudden. And I've just realized how much Blogger has changed, after not logging in for months. I think it's much cooler now, with how the way it should be posted up, not sure about uploading photos though, wonder if it's still as slow as before? Should probably try it one day (that's if I decided to update my blog again).

Hmmmm I wonder if there's still anybody out there actually blog nowadays? Well things change, people change. Or maybe they still do, only that they don't go on Blogger anymore ever since there's Tumblr or that blogging is just so-yesterday. Hah, whatever. And if you do realize, I have a Tumblr account as well but I still prefer going on Blogger when it comes to blogging.

Had already given up on blogging but thought of visiting my blog today and I couldn't stand how so-out-of-date my blog layout looks like so I decided to change it and with this, already took me few hours..guess I must have wasted too much time on choosing colours and arranging the widgets. And tada! Finally done with it and now imma here typing this, so how do you like my blog layout now? At least it's much simpler now compare to the previous one, I think.

Yep nothing much, just a random one.
Till then...