Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year
and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Every year I would look forward to these days, not only because we kids or those unmarried ones get to receive Ang Pao (red packets) but also because it means reunion for me and my family..and together with other relatives! Not just that, I also love how lively Chinese New Year (CNY) could bring to the atmosphere during the weeks-before-CNY. But sadly, it doesn't feel as lively as before anymore, seems to me that it got worst year by year even people around me feel the same too. So to bring up the CNY mood to myself, another thing I would very much look forward to is, to watch the Chinese New Year Countdown Live show by TVB (Hong Kong) but this year they did it very differently, they were doing the live show with some other countries like Korea and Singapore and for the first time I felt disappointed for a show that I looked forward to, they no longer have any funny drama plays on stage, artists were singing some unrelated CNY songs.. well I just don't feel the Chinese New Year mood from there anymore. I just hope they could bring up with something better than this for next year's! (always have high hopes on TVB, because I know they're good)... So to sum up my CNY holiday, well it was just alright, didn't had a very good reunion with the relatives and also couldn't enjoy my holidays properly. But I hope all of you have a great one and again...

Happy Year of Snake!


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